The nightclub reacted to the viral footage of rapper Guineau’s body among them

Social media is buzzing with clips of DMV rapper Guineau’s homecoming celebrations. The artist, whose real name is Merkel Antonio Moro, was shot dead on March 18 in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Pitchfork. A celebration of his life took place on Sunday at a popular DC nightclub called Bliss.

Details about Goonew’s homegrown

One accused flyer described the event: “Guinea ‘The Final Show.” Event organizers have scheduled events from 4pm to 8pm local time. Flyer added that participants “must have tickets”, but had the option to purchase “tickets at the door”. A source present at the event confirmed the matter Shade house There was a 40 cover fee to enter the venue.

Hours after the celebration, people flooded social channels with comments about Guineau’s presence at homegrown. Event organizers apparently supported Guniu’s bloodied body on the club stage. Amiri was wearing designer clothes including sweatshirt. Guineau’s alleged body was wearing jeans, sneakers and a crown on his head.

The public reaction to Guinea’s presence involved mixed reactions. Some have criticized the organizers and venues of the celebrations, others have blasted critics and encouraged people to think about their business. (See some responses below.)

Bliss Nightclub Release Statement

Now, management for Bliss has taken to Instagram to clear the air. In a statement posted on their page, the club offered its condolences to the family and clarified their knowledge of what happened on Sunday.

“Our deepest condolences to Gunny’s family, friends and fans. Bliss was approached by the local funeral home to rent out our venue for Goniu’s homecoming celebrations. Ecstasy was never aware of what would happen. We sincerely apologize to all of them who may be sorry or upset. Please keep Gunny’s family and friends in your prayers during this difficult time. “

This is a developing story.

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