The No. 1 hit ‘Convoy’ singer and songwriter was 93 – Deadline

CW McCall, best known for his 1975 hits Caravan, Ore died in Colorado on Friday at the age of 93 from cancer. The Washington Post first published the news of his death.

McCall, real name Bill Fries, was working on the ad when he created the character CW McCall for the 1973 ad spot for Old Home Bread. The ad won a Cleo Award, and it gave birth to a new career for Fries, who took on the personality of an illegal trucker.

McCall dominated the county music charts from 1974 to 1978. In addition to his No. 1 hit with Conway, which he rode in the CB Craze of the era, he charted with “Old Home Filler-Up” and “Keep On-A-Trakin” in the “Cafe,” “Wolf Creek Pass,” classified. , “They Want Be No Country Music (There Want Be No Rock ‘n’ Roll” “and” Roses for Mama. “

“Convoy” is a 1978 film starring Chris Christopherson, Ali McGrath and Ernest Borgnain.

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