The ‘Outer Range’ cast discusses their “Neo-Western” series – Competitive TV – Deadline

Outer range Amazon has launched a deadline contestant TV event with a panel comprising Josh Brolin, Imogen Putts, Tom Pelfrey, Tamara Podemsky and Lily Taylor to discuss the Prime Series.

“I was offered a few series, but then you say, ‘Do you have anything that will keep me going?’ And I think it’s an irrational enough level that we can go in different directions. “

In this mystery thriller, Brolin plays the role of Royal Abbott. While the Abbots are dealing with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca, an untimely death in the community creates a chain of excitement-filled events, and problems arise with the arrival of a mysterious black void in the Abbots. ‘West pasture.

“You have Yellowstone And the western trend is back, “said Brolin,” and then everyone is trying to pigeon back into that thing. I think what we have done is create a danger zone and it doesn’t feel safe. “

“Being British, I really grew up with the myths of the American West and the American West,” Putts said.

“Sheriff Joy, to me, is the light of a very dark world,” Podemsky said. “I was brought here especially because it turned out to be a western counterpart, and I like the way I describe it as neo-western because Hollywood is not really known for its honest portrayal of Native Americans, so it was really interesting to me because we have an audience. There is a great opportunity to come up with a different story. “

Outer range The premiere will run for eight episodes on April 15 on Amazon Prime.

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