‘The Real’ has been officially canceled after 8 seasons

After months of speculation, ‘The Real’ has been officially canceled after eight seasons, according to Variety.

Lonnie Love confirmed the cancellation and said “Kovid has killed the show.” He tweeted, “In the end we did everything we could to reduce the real cast and crew show. We shot 7-8 shows in 3 days, no viewers, created a conference room in a studio, but I think Covid cost this show.” Killed .. It was a great ride and thanks to the viewers for 8 great seasons! ”

Over the years, the show has seen a switch-up on its hosts panel. Throughout the season, Lonnie, Adrian Baylon and Jenny have been my hosts. Tamar Braxton, who was one of the main co-presenters on the show, was joined by the women Amanda Siles after the finale. After Amanda left, Temera Maury, who was also a real host, left the show. In 2020, actress Garcel Beauvais joined the show as a co-host.

Nick Cannon’s self-titled show has also been canceled. Calling it “a dream come true,” he added, “It’s interesting. It’s show business, and the biggest word is ‘business.’ I show up every day, bright and fast, to give you a show, and I’m a businessman. “

Roomies, what do you think of this?

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