The ultimatum is real about seeing April Rae, Jake’s connection

It’s hard for viewers to deny Jake Cunningham And Ray Williams‘S connection to season 1 Ultimatum – And April Marie Not blind to that either.

“Looking at all the intimate moments – one, deep cuts because then you will see them beautiful in front of you [and] They’re not going to cross any boundaries, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but it was hard to see how they really bonded, like on camera alone, “said April exclusively. Our weekly To see her boyfriend and her coaster at their trial wedding. “But I will not lie, when they entered together, I was laughing and crying. As I laughed, ‘S-T, it’s beautiful, I understand now. I understand why you like each other. ‘

He added that at the time he “felt terrified and really insecure,” explaining, “because I didn’t know what was happening, I was scared. I didn’t like Ryke at all.”

April and Jack had been dating for two years when he issued an ultimatum, telling the former Marine that he would be dealt with if he did not propose. As a result, they joined the cast of the Netflix show, which followed six couples to the brink of engagement. When Jake’s new partner was Rye, he lived with April Colby KissingerMadeline BallatoryIts man – for three weeks.

The ultimatum is real about seeing April Rae and Jake's connection

April Mary, Ray Williams and Jake Cunningham. Instagram (2); Netflix

“I was head over heels for this person. This is my best friend. I mean, we moved to Austin together and then the coveted hit. So we were really stuck together for a year and a half, ”said April Us Her pre-show relationship with Jake. “Some couples on the show, they didn’t live together. As I lived with Jack, I shared my days, my nights with you, we financed each other’s vehicles. So my biggest question was, ‘If I want a car, you’ll drive your credit for me, but I want to ring and I want to get married, and then you just drive?’ বড় I really don’t waste my time. And it is now or never. “

At the end of three weeks, the couple reunites and stays with their real partner for another three weeks. Then, they decide whether they want to get engaged, leave the single, or pursue things with their trial marriage partner. April reported Us That he noticed a change in Jake after spending time with “100 percent” Rae

“I was so excited. I was like, ‘I can’t wait to get back with my guy [and] Just keep him with me, “he said.” But that was not the case. It was instantaneous, like, not exactly there – physically, mentally. It was just, as it were, a completely different person. I think it was the hardest thing, especially when the camera was spinning and I, like him, trying to get full attention and it wasn’t there. “

Season 1’s Ultimatum Streaming on Netflix. In April, fans will have to tune in to the finale and reunion to see where Jack and Rye now stand.

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