The more, the more colorful! Alexa Penavega And Carlos Penavega There are three kids and both are welcome to the fourth in the future.

When an Instagram user asked the 33-year-old actress on Sunday, April 3, she and the Big Time Rush member, 32, were “fighting over the idea of ​​having more.” Spy Kids The star replied, “No.”

The Florida native, who is already Ocean’s mother, 5, Kingston, 2, and Rio, 10, explained, “The world needs more kids who can be a light to others.”

Alexa told another follower that she “lost her temper” as a mother, noting that she “absolutely got it.”[s] Tested by her children.

“Especially this past week,” he said Ruby and Rockets alum wrote his Instagram story during Q&A. “We are living in a boat during a renovation. It’s stressful for everyone. Slightly included. I don’t mean to say I won’t lose it. Or I’m always collecting but the truth is I get frustrated. I have a moment for which I must apologize. I’ve always had a calmer attitude towards things in general so I may not think ‘losing it’ is ‘so bad’ but my heart thinks I’m not a fan of stressful moments.

Alexa and Carlos Penavega want a 4th baby Instagram drone
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In June 2021, Slipover The star revealed that she and Missouri locals had “no help” when raising Ocean, Kingston and Rio.

“There are some days I must do,” he said Dancing with the Stars Alum wrote via Instagram Stories at the time. “We’ll cook, we’ll clean, we’ll look after the kids, we’ll work, we’ll do all these things all day, but when we do things for ourselves we feel completely guilty which is stupid because we know it’s stupid. But we are working on it. “

The The picture is the perfect mystery The star went into more detail about their routine on Sunday, telling one of her followers that she and Carlos were “really” a housemaid.

“Don’t get me wrong, it sounds amazing. But I want our kids to see to it that we take care of things,” the Hallmark star explained. “It’s just a game of waiting. We’ll have three little helpers soon!”

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