TI has shared a positive message about comedian Lauren Knight as she greets him.

So far, many of you have watched TI’s viral video of a recent comedy show in Atlanta getting some things off his chest when a co-worker joked about previous sexual assault allegations against him.

As Before According to the report, the comic he addressed was known as Lauren Knight, and on Tuesday he took to social media to share the story of everything that happened to make jokes about the allegations against him. He claimed that TI was harassing him in the crowd and calling him by his name.

After he made a video to explain his side, TI went live on Instagram to talk about the situation and he never refused to call Lauren by her name. He said, “I have never called you by your name, I have never called you by name. Give me a video where I told you I would give you a million dollars. “

Lauren shared the clip from her live and then a clip that was seen from the night of the show. In the clip, neither TI nor Lauren is visible, but someone can be heard using the B-word. He said in his caption, “I am receiving death threats and harassment because I want to tell a lie. Dig this as hell. It’s not ugly and I have no reason to lie. “

TI then follows a clip from the show where he is seen hugging Lauren and informing her that he was there for her protection and correction.

He said in his Caption“I amEver since I entered the comedy world I have said that I want to use my light to enlighten others. To bring awareness to those who have love and respect for art. With that in mind … I would like to introduce you to @sheslaurenk with everyone. She’s a young black woman struggling to use her voice for laughter and I understand that it can take us down the sometimes dark road but there is always a chance to find a light bulb and create a positive outcome. ”

TI concluded by saying, “I wish you all the best and hope that the light you have shed will bring more joy and laughter to the world. I did my part here … moving on. “

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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