TI shuts down after making a joke about previous sexual harassment allegations

If you didn’t know, TI added comedy to his long biography. However, after attending a comedy show in Atlanta, things quickly became serious for a moment after a joke was made that didn’t seem so funny to him.

A viral video shows TI addressing comedian Lauren Knight while apparently making a joke about allegations of sexual harassment that TI and his wife Tiny faced last year.

In the video, TI is heard saying to Lorraine, “There was no crime. There’s nothing to charge for me or my wife. “After telling Lauren to shut up, TI tells her,” Every time you joke about it, I’ll check Yo Muthaf ***** ga ** as long as it takes. Stop talking about it, when you stop playing with me and me, Imma stops saying anything.

He added, “No Mutaf ***** G case, never Mutaf ***** G case, because I did nothing wrong, and my wife did nothing wrong,” he added.

While giving his speech, Lorraine danced on the stage jokingly. He then made it clear that they were on a comedy show, and if he wanted to make a joke about something, he was going to make a joke.

TI then went to The Shed Room and commented, “I just want to know why it’s always against the United States. Just know I’m ready for it.

Lorraine then went on social media to deal with the situation and claimed that while she was on stage hosting, TI in the audience hiccuped her and repeatedly asked her to take off her wig, and then she said, “I’ll take my wig. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. “

As Before According to the report, TI and Tiny are not facing charges after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced in Los Angeles last September.

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TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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