Tom Hiddleston to star in Apple Limited series ‘The White Darkness’ – Deadline

Loki is going inside White darkness For Apple.

Tom Hiddleston will star in a limited series David Gran’s non-fiction book for Apple.

Made the series Pachinko Co-produced by producers Soo Hugh and Hugh and Strange Angels Creator and Black swan Author Mark Heyman.

White darkness Inspired by the true life story of Henry Warsley, Hiddleston plays a devoted husband and father, an ex-soldier, a man of deep respect and sacrifice, but also a man deeply obsessed with adventure, manifested in the epic journey across Antarctica. Feet

This marks the second Apple series for Hiddleston, best known for his role as Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Essex Snake.

Apple Studios and UCP have produced the series with Theresa Kang-Lo Executive, a producer through Blue Marble Pictures, where she has an overall contract with Streimer. Hugh, Heyman, Hiddleston will also co-produce Blue Marble Pictures with Caroline Garretti, who is behind Pachinko.

Hiddleston has been replaced by Hamilton Hodel, WME and JSSK. Huke is ripped to WME and Jeffrey Frankel to McQueen Frankel. Heyman was raped by the UTA. Gran has been replaced by CAA in conjunction with The Robbins Office.

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