Tory Lanez has been handcuffed in court for violating a personal contact order with Twitter

Tory Lanez finally got his day in court on Tuesday, and things quickly went awry after Judge David Hariford determined that the protection order against him in the David Meyer Thi Stallion assault case had been violated.

About an hour after Tory appeared at his hearing, Nancy Dillon, who was in court, said she had been handcuffed and taken into custody.

“Tory Lanes was handcuffed in court and held in custody until he was granted $ 350,000 bail in the Megan Thi Stallion criminal assault case,” Dillon wrote. “The judge violated his defense order and personal contact order.”

Dillon clarified his initial tweet, noting that Tory’s recent tweets targeting Megan were presented as evidence to Judge Harford.

Judge David Harford heard Lanes’ tweet about an hour-long argument and said “there seems to be some clear message.” He added a new condition to Lanez’s release that he “would not mention the alleged witness in the case on any social media.”

As we mentioned earlier, just a few weeks ago Tory, Megan, Pardy and DJ Academic were involved randomly on social media. Megan called the academics over allegations that Tory’s DNA was not found in the weapon used to attack Megan, and from there things went out of control.

Tory even went so far as to suggest that he slept with Megan and her ex-best Kelsey.

Tory Lanes posted bail and his trial is set for September 14.

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