UK Travel Chaos Hit Mip TV – Deadline

Travel chaos has hit Mip TV, a string of easyjet cancellations from the UK, forcing participants to look for alternative routes to the ear market.

The market for contemporary canaries dramas has been going on for two days but most of the participants of Mip TV are coming from the UK on Sunday for the event which starts tomorrow and lasts for two days.

This morning, however, a number of UK travelers were informed about the cancellation of EasyJet, prompting a team of producers, Network Axis, analysts and the press to travel from the UK to France to find alternative routes.

Most of the participants who spoke to Deadline were able to do so, going through alternative destinations through European destinations, including Luxembourg, Amsterdam and Paris.

“Only on Mip TV,” said an experienced market executive, noting that this is not the first time the Cannes event has been hit by travel chaos.

Organizer RX France will be extremely disappointed by a situation that is the first person-private market for these three years. The last two have been online, though the October Mipcom happened in person. RX France is busy communicating with passengers about rescheduling the airport pick-up.

Kevin Mayer, Sony’s Wayne Garvie, Bad Wolf’s Jane Tranter and HBO Max’s Johannes Larcher will be the keynote speakers.

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