Ukraine’s Zelensky Putin Reveals Evidence of War Crimes – Deadline

For the second time in nearly a week, President Joe Biden on Tuesday called Russia’s Vladimir Putin “a war criminal.”

Biden’s statement came after the New York Times reported that at least 11 civilians – “some with their hands tied, some shot in the head” – had been killed as Russian troops took control of the Ukrainian city of Bucha and their bodies. I left it on the street for weeks. The Russians have denied the allegations.

Now, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has presented his own evidence in an interview. 60 minutes The set aired this Sunday. CBS published the following excerpt from Zelensky’s conversation with Scott Pell this afternoon.

Scott found: Is there evidence of war crimes across Ukraine?

President Volodymyr Zelensky: Ukraine’s security services block communication 6 There [Russian] Soldiers are talking to their parents [about] What they stole and who they kidnapped. It has recordings [Russian] Prisoners of war who have confessed to killing people. There are pilots in prisons who had maps of bombing civilian targets. An investigation is also being carried out on the basis of the remains of the deceased.

Pelli: Should Vladimir Putin be tried for war crimes?

Zelensky: Look, I think those who made the decision, those who issued the order, those who fulfilled the order, those who are relevant to it are all guilty.

Pelli: Do you blame Putin?

Zelensky: I believe he is one of them.

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