(Update) Rob Kardashian says he pays $ 37KA a year for dream education and has

Chile, Rob Kardashian doesn’t say much but when he does he sprinkles tea, hunni.

Blac Chyna took to Twitter to talk about giving up being a single mother without child support. She tweeted, “Yesterday I had to give up my 3 cars … my reason … morality, faith, being a single mother, no support I am an uncle.”

He added, “Single No Support and Child Support.”

Well, Rob Kardashian took direct action to clean up the business. Rob said, “I pay 36,000 rupees a year for my daughter’s school. I manage every single medical expense. “Rob continued,” I pay for all her outdoor activities. I have a daughter from Tuesday-Saturday. Why should I give child support?

Moments earlier, Taigao had taken steps to refute Black China’s claim. Taiga writes, “I pay 40,000 rupees a year for my son’s school and he stays with me Monday-Saturday. Why would I give child support

A few commenters were quite entertained.

One person asked, “Why are they embarrassing this woman like this?” Another added, “Open and shut case.” Another raised a question about the time she spent with her kids. They asked, “So he sees his son one day a week and his daughter two days a week? Looks like he needs child support. “

Blac Chyna talks about not getting child support back in 2020. During an interview on Sirius XM, he said that this is his biggest flex.

“My biggest flex, just to be honest, is to take care of my kids as a single parent, without any child support. So this is my biggest flex, ”he says. “That’s the biggest flex, when I say ‘yes I don’t get child support, wasap?’

Celebrity is not the only mother to talk about not getting child support from fathers. Joey Chavis, the mother of Boy’s eldest child Shy and Future’s youngest son Hendrix, says he does not receive child support from rappers.

In 2020, he discussed on his YouTube channel that he was not a gold digger and could do it himself.

“I don’t get any child support,” Joey said. He continued, “I don’t have to ask for anything for my kids because I can do everything myself. If their parents want to do something for them and then if they want to, they do it in their own time [say]Hey, there’s some money here for this or that, or whatever you know. But I don’t really want anything. I can do everything on my own. “

He added, “So, I wanted to make sure I said it.”

Rumiz, what do you think about talking about the fathers of black Chinese kids?

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