(Update) Trey Sange Las Vegas sexual harassment investigation cleared

Trey Songz has been accused of sexual harassment for several years. On Friday, he was recently acquitted of one of those charges.

According to TMZ, 37-year-old R&B Kruner Las Vegas has been acquitted of sexual harassment charges.

“The LVMPD has completed an investigation into allegations of sexual harassment against Tremaine Neverson and has decided not to file a criminal complaint. If new evidence emerges, the case will be reopened for further investigation,” said a Las Vegas Metro Police Department spokesman.

“We are pleased that Trey Songz has been cleared of wrongdoing and that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s investigation has been formally closed,” said Trey Songz’s attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Seanfeld.

As previously reported, Las Vegas police were contacted in November 2021. It was reported that an alleged sexual assault took place at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Also, Trey Sons is still facing a 20 million lawsuit from another woman who claims to have been sexually harassed by her father.

Describing Trek as a “barbaric rapist”, an unidentified woman complained that she had consensual sex at a LA House party in 2016. The woman claims that Tray threw her to the ground, tore her clothes and forced his penis inside her anus without her consent.

The woman further claimed that the incident continued even after someone else briefly opened the door and hurried out. Once it was over, he ran outside to call an Uber and said his driver saw him in trouble and took him to the hospital.

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