UrbanWorld Name Sharese Bullock-Bailey Festival Director, CIO – Deadline

Exclusive: Sharse Bullock-Bailey has been appointed Festival Director and UrbanWorld’s first Chief Innovation Officer, featuring descriptive features, documentaries, short films, web originals, spotlight screenings, dialogues and musical performances featuring blacks. . , Indigenous and Latin artists.

In her new role, Bullock-Bailey will oversee the brand, lead all key elements of annual festival planning and execution, expand UrbanWorld innovation, manage strategy and optimize resources and experiences, with the festival entering its next 25 years of current and potential partnerships. Build based on. .

Stacey Spikes, founder of UrbanWorld, said: “We are thrilled to have Charles Bullock-Bailey join the UrbanWorld family as Festival Director and First Chief Innovation Officer. “He brings a rare combination of talent, skill and leadership to our team as we continue to expand our influence in the storytelling, technology and game-changing culture.”

“UrbanWorld provides a legacy and blueprint for the future of storytelling, technology and community for a global range of artists and brands,” added Bullock-Bailey. “The festival has always been a leader in innovation and inclusion and after 25 years of unparalleled impact, I am thrilled to be able to extend the reach and impact of the festival for the next 25 years and beyond.”

Bullock-Bailey is an Emmy-nominated producer and strategist who has worked in the media, industry and technology sectors, focusing on influence, philanthropy and talent development. He is the founder of Overstand, a global consultancy that has partnered with UrbanWorld Innovation since 2016 to create a pitch-style funding event known as The Stand. He was recently the Chief Strategist and Partnership Officer at Ghetto Film School, leading partnerships with others including Netflix, Stavros Nearcos Foundation, Fridge / Deutsche Bank, National Football League, Synchrony Bank and Neutrogena Studios. Bullock-Bailey has previously also served as director of Tribeca Teachings, overseeing the film residency and education initiatives for the Tribeca Film Institute and Festival from 2014-2017. He is a trustee of The Freak Collection and vice chair of the Independent Television Service.

2021 marks the 25th anniversary of the UrbanWorld Film Festival and last year for Gabriel Glor, the longtime festival director and head of programming. With Spikes, Glor led an attempt to fill Bullock-Bailey’s position. “This is a full circle moment,” Glor said, “as I personally have seen Shares develop its role, excellence and innovation as a producer, partner and now a leader in legacy management, both in the industry as a whole and in UrbanWorld.”

UrbanWorld is a five-day festival that has long championed BIPOC filmmakers, notable directors who have shared their first career work there with Ava Duverne, Ryan Kugler, De Reese, Tina Mabri and Cody Simmons and the Chik Ojah Award winning pair. The 2022 edition of UrbanWorld will be a hybrid festival featuring personal footprints in NYC, as well as a global online platform that will feature official selection projects and virtual spotlight conversations. The festival is an initiative of the UrbanWorld Foundation, which has historically supported the founding partner HBO / WarnerMedia, promoting the inclusion and influence of various content creators through platforms provided by storytellers around the world.

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