(Video) Blueface tweeted that he is unmarried and Christian Rock said he was “tired of her.”

Chile, a week ago everything was fine … Looks like Christian Rock and Blueface could get into a bit of trouble in heaven.

For years now, the two have been in public, but not in public romance. Most recently, shortly after Christian’s release on bail, the two confirmed their situation, alleging that his car had been taken away and stopped with drugs.

Fast forward to Thursday, Blueface tweeted that she was unmarried after her mother Carlisle posted on Instagram that “Blueface made it official with Rock.” “My mother did not speak for me or anyone I am with. No one is official with anyone,” said the 25-year-old.

Shortly after that tweet, Christian said he was publicly embarrassed and tired by her. While talking to another young woman live, “I’m tired of being embarrassed in public.” He was then asked, “Why are you messing with him, if he continues to embarrass you in public?”

Once the Blueface business was clear, Carlisa posted on her story and said, “I’ll keep my own business in mind from now on.” Blueface has posted a video asking why she should be serious and reminding everyone that she is only 25 years old.

Last month, Carlisa also talked about Blueface and her love life. Sharing a headline that read, “Blueface claims he slept with more than 1000 women,” he wrote, “Like I said, he didn’t lie or do anything sugarcoated! If you think you’re in a relationship with him, you “He lied to himself and played the role of a victim. I raised my son to tell the truth, and embarrassed the devil. Stop playing with us.” He added, “Frightened people lie.”

You know, Blueface is expecting a baby with her ex, Zidane Alexis. The couple has a 4-year-old son.

Chile, what do you think?

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