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Jared Leto, who starred We crashedHe said he would be sorry not to meet Adam Newman before the former Apple TV + series WeWork CEO was embodied.

“I didn’t want to play a villain, especially a villain who’s still alive.” Morbius The star said during a panel for a show at a deadline contestant television event.

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As part of his research, Leto said he secretly met with Newman to share his screenplay. The actor said that despite the big collapse of the co-workplace, he felt a “responsibility” to represent the businessman with dignity and compassion. The meeting, however, was kept secret from series showrunner and producers Lee Eisenberg and Drew Crevello, who said they had not learned about the private conversation until Newman later admitted that Leto had arrived.

We crashed One of the most valuable startups in the world, following the greedy rise and fall of WeWork, and the narcissists whose chaotic love made it possible. WeWork has grown from a single co-worker to a global brand worth $ 47 billion in less than a decade. Then, in less than a year, its value declined. What happened?

In addition to meeting the real-life personalities behind his character, Leto’s research included working closely with a voice coaching team to nail Newman’s Israeli accent.

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“I had an amazing team of five Israelis who really helped me, nurtured me, beat me and kept me on track,” he said.

Leto would have been a spit image of Leto Newman if he had appeared opposite Anne Hathaway’s Rebecca Newman, but it wasn’t accidental at all, Crevello said.

“We had a picture of Jared Up [when looking for inspiration]”She is OK.

The series may highlight the rise and fall of co-workers, but Eisenberg and Crevello reach the story through the romance between Adam and Rebecca, proving a “unique” way to get into the story behind Weaver’s fall.

“For us, they are inextricably linked,” Eisenberg said.

Produced by Eisenberg and Crevello executive directors John Reka and Glenn Ficara, Charlie Gogolak, Hathaway and Natalie Sandy. Emma Ludbrook will be an executive producer alongside Leto through their Paradox production company, and Hernan Lopez, Marshall Louis and Aaron Hart will be executive products from Wonderie.

We crashed Now streamed on Apple TV +.

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