White House Celebrates Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Historic Confirmation – Deadline

Ketanji Brown Jackson said her confirmation as the first black woman in the Supreme Court was “a moment where all Americans can be very proud.”

“We’ve come a long way in perfecting our union,” Jackson told hundreds of people on the White House’s South Lawn. “In my family, it took just a generation to get to the United States Supreme Court from separation.”

Broadcast and wire networks carried the celebration, somewhat unusual but coincidental with the historic moment for a nominee who was recently promoted to high court. He dedicated many of his comments to family members, friends, advisers, lawmakers and White House officials who thanked him for leading the way in his nomination, but also for “helping the next generation of leaders who helped pave the way, Martin Luther King Jr., Justice Thergood.” Marshall and my personal heroine, Judge Constance Baker Motley. ” Some in the crowd wiped away tears as he quoted Maya Angelo: “I do it now when I bring gifts from my ancestors.”

Jackson, 51, confirmed in a 53-47 vote on Thursday that three Republicans, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney, had all joined Democrats. His confirmation in the Democratic-controlled Senate was never in doubt, but the process was more traumatic than expected, as he faced hours of attacks from Republicans who claimed he was too humble as a judge to convict those convicted of child pornography.

President Joe Biden said there were “verbal abuse, anger, constant interruptions, the most heinous, baseless allegations and accusations. Faced with all of this, Judge Jackson showed his incredible character and integrity.” Kamala Harris, the first black female vice president, said when she presided over the Senate confirmation vote, she made a note to her godfather that told her, “I have a deep sense of pride and joy, and our nation and For his future.

The White House event was a bigger stage than the nominees of the past, with songs and patriotic songs from the Marine Band West Side Story, a red, white and blue background on the Truman balcony and some foreign guests. Leader Biden, fulfilling his campaign promise to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, said “we will look back and see this as a moment of real change.”

Among those present at the event were Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, as well as the first African American Loni Bunch to serve as secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. They were joined by Jackson’s family members and friends, as well as Senate Democrats and cabinet secretaries.

It is not yet clear when Jackson will be sworn in. Announcing his retirement, Justice Stephen Breyer said he planned to resign at the end of the current term, either in late June or early July.

Jackson said of receiving thousands of notes and cards and photos, “This moment reveals how much it is to so many people.”

Notes from Children, she said, “Speak directly to the hopes and promises of America. A black woman was appointed 232 years and 115 years ago to be elected to a job in the United States Supreme Court. But we got it.”

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