Whoopi Goldberg says why Smith was not dropped from the Oscars – deadline

Oscar producers did not formally request Smith to leave the show after slapping Chris Rock, or at least sent a mixed message about the request to Smith, Academy Board of Governors member Huppy Goldberg insisted today. Scene“She was. She was told to leave.”

Goldberg, who was not present at the Oscars and warned he would not speak on behalf of the board, said today that “but there is something I know.”

Look See The bottom part.

When some of it pressed See Instead of telling co-host Ken Smith to leave, he guessed what the scene would be like: “They come back from the break, now if [Smith] He’s in a state of shock and he’s fighting and you’re trying to get him out the door and it’s on camera. ” He is known to beat people and things.

On a See Earlier this week, Goldberg said he supported producer Will Packer’s decision not to fire Smith.

When conservative guest co-hosts denounced the audience for the Setmeyer show, Smith stood up to greet them. King Richard Acceptable speech, Goldberg said, “Now just take a minute – do you really think viewers are applauding Chris Rock for hitting him? I think it was just people getting up and doing dumb things because they thought okay everyone got up.”

At another point, Goldberg stood up and said about the greeting, “You got up before you knew you were doing something stupid.”

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