Will Smith Oscar slap was “an attack,” says Billy Crystal – Deadline

Former Academy Awards host Billy Crystal made no mention of the slap heard around the world.

Bob is appearing at Costa Back on the record In HBO Max, Crystal called the infamous Smith-Chris Rock clash one of the “most annoying incidents, for sure. It was an attack. I have experience. I’ve hosted three Grammys and I’ve been thrown out of things.”

He continued, “A. [Oscars] Pre-production, amazing Gil Cats, we’ll cross – he was the producer for six of the nine – we’ll go through the rundown and I’ll say, ‘Maybe I should be there because something could happen. If that person wins, then I should follow suit. ‘

Crystal maintained that having a host brings an element of control to an event.

“I set myself up to host the show, really host the show, so you can tie it together. So, whenever I see a show that it’s a no-host show, yeah, it’s gotten faster, but there’s no one there who can capitalize on something and make the audience feel like there’s someone in charge. “

Crystal recalled the time when she was hosting the Grammy Awards. Comedian Jackie Mason made an inflammatory remark and then Little Richard followed something similar. Crystal was sent to spread the word, which he did as a joke.

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