Willow welcomes 3rd child with Ricky Bailey, daughter of Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin's daughter Willow Palin welcomes third child, a baby girl with husband Ricky Bailey

Ricky and Willow Bailey. Courtesy of Willow Bailey / Instagram

Another little Pauline has arrived! Willow Pauline Gave birth to her and her husband Ricky BaileyWednesday, March 30’s third child.

“Pace Banner Bailey,” Alaska local captioned the baby’s debut on Instagram on Thursday, March 31st.

Sarah PaulineHer daughter, 27, married her partner in Alaska in September 2018, nine months after their engagement. In May 2019, Willow announced that they were starting a family by debuting an Instagram baby bump.

“[Bailey] And I’m so excited to welcome two little babies into this world! ” The then-pregnant star then told her followers. “Baby Bailey is coming in December 2019.”

Willow gave birth a month before her due date, naming her children Banks and Blaise. The new mom captioned the children’s Instagram photo in November 2019, “We girls have fallen in love with you.” 11.17.19. Blaise Indi Mae 5.1 lbs. Banks Bianca Ann 5.0 lbs. Healthy, beautiful girls! ”

While announcing her second pregnancy in November 2021, Willow revealed the gender of her impending arrival. “I kept this guy a bit secret,” he wrote via Instagram at the time. “One more week and we’ll be halfway through with our son.”

Teenage mother Ozzy alum Bristol Palin She shared a social media upload of her story, writing, “Can’t wait for my sister’s baby boy.” His former coaster Kylen Lori Isaac, 11, Lincoln, 8, Lux, 4, and Creed, referring to his experience with 20 months, commented on raising the “boys very funny.”

Willow gave a hint of her growing baby bump through a mirror selfie the following month, writing, “Me and the baby’s friend are just trekking.”

In another post from December 2021, the then-expected star shows one of her daughters tapping a hand on her rising belly. “I love baby brother,” Willow captioned the sweet Instagram shot.

Bristol Willow was preceded in death by a 13-year-old boy with his fiance Tripp. Levi Johnston In 2008, 2015 and 2017, Sailor, 6, and Attlee, 4, with ex-husband, respectively. Dakota Mayer.

When it came to cohabiting her little ones, the former reality star told her Instagram followers in September 2020 that it was important to do so. [the] Kids, first, “with advice,” let go of your emotions / ego. Do not try to destroy the other party. Encourage their relationship with your kids. (At the end of the day, the more people show up to cheer on your kids at a football game, the better. Remind yourself every day). “

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