Wow! Katie Gott stops a series of Asian doll tweets when she expresses the bandage

Katie Gott Bandage, a Chicago native and affectionately known as the Queen of Drills, tweeted that Nicki Minaj had sent her a message and that Asian Doll apparently felt something about it and sent multiple tweets.

For months, Nikki has been pushing gworlz for features. Each month, the new gworlz is sharing their excitement about wanting to work with icons, including the Native Asian Doll of Dallas.

A few weeks ago, he tweeted, “Nicky is not doing a song with you before me” and then Koi Lere and Nicki Minaj debuted “Blick Blick”.

Fast forward to Friday, Katie tweeted, “I’m speechless. I woke up to a message from @Nikminaz.” He continued, “I love you Queen.”

Shortly afterwards, Asian Doll stopped a series of tweets saying that people were against her and that people could “suck my d **.”

Asian tweeted, “Loyalty allows you to play with yourself so it’s time to play with this WAS A ** B **** ES again.”

He continued, “I feel so genuine love for me that you have awakened a monster and Emma will wash any B *** H on any track on any F *** Iing Day. From now on F ** K ALL You HAT[ING] A ** H ** S I’m I’m I’m I’m I’t Trust I I’m I’t I Got II Got I Like II Got I I’t I Got I Got II Got I ‘ t I Got II Got II Got I Got I Got I Got I Gowt I Got I’t now 100 … by. “

When asked who he was talking to, he replied, “I’m talking to every B *** H with eyes and ears.”

She also shared an alleged old tweet from Asian Katie, dated 2012, which read, “Nicky is against us.”

Katie apparently responds, “First you stole the name Kashdol, now you think you’re coming for Drill Queen? Curse B **** Did you come up with anything? “

The Asian Doll replied, “Shut Yo Bull Dog A ** up if you ask for a feature directly on my DM year after year.”

Katie responded to the Texas rapper for a feature. He tweeted, “Wait *********************************************** **************************************************** **************************************************** *************************************

About an hour back and forth, Coi Leray tweeted somewhat positively towards gworlz and told them they were both “trendsetters”.

According to How the music industry“Drill music is a form of trap music known for its violent and dark content. Originating from the south side of Chicago, this subgenre of hip hop music focuses on everyday events and crime in the city. The word drill is an obscene word used in the street Someone is using automatic weapons.

For months, the Asian doll said she was the queen of drills. This is after Katie Got Bands made a name for herself and was even recognized by other celebrities, including Cardi B, as the queen of rap genre.

Looks like the Asian doll is coming for the crown. Rumira, what do you think?

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