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Uber writer-producer Taylor Sheridan is great for keeping secrets, such as how Casey Dutton looks at the end of Season 4. Yellowstone The character changes as he moves forward. But star Luke Grimes will have no choice.

“I should have known more when I read some of the Season Five scripts,” Grimes told the crowd at the Deadline contestant TV event. “I did not know what the wolf was. But I don’t ask Taylor. It’s fun to go on a ride like everyone else. He knows where the show is going and how it will end but he is not going to tell us. That is joy. I want to go on a ride too. I’m interested to see where he goes and if that experience changes him in any way. “

During his on-stage discussion with moderator Mike Fleming, Grimes acknowledged that Sheridan sees a lot. GodfatherCasey’s Michael Corleone, the youngest member of the Dutton family who came home after serving in the military and was expected to work in the family business. “He’s dealing with major PTSD that he had to do. You finally get a little taste of the end of Season 4. This guy has got to see a lot of things that most people never see,” said Grimes, who was joined on stage by Jefferson White (Jimmy). . “She has a big heart, she loves her family and unfortunately she was forced to do something she is not proud of. Michael Corleone is a reference we talked about in Season 1. Casey is in between a rock and a hard place. “She has a loyalty to her family and her legacy. It’s something she can lead, but she has to constantly revise that decision. She has to make a choice as the season goes on.”

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White Dutton, meanwhile, reflects the overwhelming pressure of his character on the farm, the day he came to be an addicted newcomer to an old professional who knows how to breed horses. In many ways, Jimmy’s experience mimics White’s involvement in his own Western drama. “I really had no idea what to expect. I have never touched a horse in my life. I was scared and horrified to see the process. I am surrounded by these bright, bright cowboys, these performers who have a mythical quality. Stressed up, which reflects my experience on the show, she learned how to masturbate to Stallion.

“Every time I try to guess what’s going to happen next, Taylor is much better than what he can bring with me.” “I gave up guessing.”

White said the experience became so immersive that Sheridan actually allowed him and the other cowhands to create dialogue in the bunk house. “We get the reef and exit the script. He knows how to take that improvisation and create an environment in the day and in the editing room where he writes.

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