YK Osiris has closed the allegations from Tire Sampson’s family

The family of 14-year-old Tire Sampson had a busy day. After they rested the teenager, they called singer YK Osiris on social media to allege that he had not voluntarily paid for the funeral. Earlier, Tire’s brother wrote on Facebook, “YkOsiri or whatever, dude’s name is canceled. Lil brother has been used for pure clout. Didn’t give a penny but told the world otherwise. 7 even posted a fake screenshot of a GoFundMe grant Stop pretending to care about giving back to the community just to get your sales. Digging like hell. “

Her mother signed the post, complaining that YK even blocked her on Instagram. The singer’s sister, Armoni Williams, did not take long to defend her brother and deny the boy’s family claims. He shared a screenshot of GoFundMe showing his brother donating $ 15,000 for the funeral, but Tyre’s brother claimed the screenshot was Photoshop.

YK finally broke his silence and wrote in his message on his Instagram story, “The devil is running.” Also, an alleged text conversation with Tyre’s mother, Nekia Dodd, was published. Nekia wrote in the message, “So far no cost or contribution has been made! So please do me a favor and use the platform you used when you were “looking for me” and tell everyone that you did nothing. And please don’t show up at my son’s funeral! You are blessed! ”

YK was adamant about clearing it and released another conversation with Nokia on the fundraising list for the GoFundMe account and a screen recording showing his name. According to GoFundMe’s website, some grant funds may not be visible to fundraisers due to processing time.

The singer made a final post, clearing the air by letting Tire’s family know that there was no problem with his ending. We will continue to keep Tire’s family in our thoughts at this point!

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