‘You’ve added Tilly Keeper, Amy Leigh Hickman and Ed Spiller on a regular basis – Deadline

Exclusive: Tilly Keeper, Amy Le Hickman And Ed Speliers Joined You The upcoming fourth season of the Netflix series, as opposed to the Penn Badgly series, will be set in a new location, London.. The new season is being produced in London, where eleven actors have been cast in recurring roles. In addition to Badgley, Keeper, Hickman, and Spillie join fellow season 4 series regulars Tati Gabriel, Charlotte Ritchie, and Lucas Gage.

Season 3 of the popular thriller series ends with Joe (Badgly) leaving Madrid Linda to search for Marion (Tati Gabriel) in Paris. He is moving now.

The Guardian will play Lady Phoebe: As sweet and kind as she is, rich, famous and chaotic, every bikini wax of Phoebe has been documented by tabloids since she was 15 years old. An elite socialite with a fan base, showing the true colors of Phoebe when she is alone with her friends. She is a staunch cheerleader, especially to American entrepreneurial boyfriend Adam. He’s also a wild card: When misfortune strikes, will he rise to the occasion, or will he break down?

Hickman will play Nadia. With a love of genre storytelling and a desire to be a serious writer, Nadia’s outspokenness and intensity are a perfect cover for the insecurities carried by a young woman that her peers have never embraced. He made some big mistakes; Now, they threaten to destroy his life. He will need help even from the wrong people.

Spillers play rice. Dry, irrational Rhys is a writer whose memoirs praised and pressured him to start a political career. Born into poverty, Rice lived a traumatic early life before earning money, moving to Oxford and making all the right friends. Now, he can easily move into any social circle, as well as see through the people around him. She doesn’t have much time to party, although she likes to keep in touch with her weird friends. After all, they were for him in his turbulent youth.

Down there YouSeason 4’s Repeat Cast:

Nicki Lynn Sophie plays an entrepreneur in the body of a pampered jetsetter. Of course, she looks like she’s wearing a bikini on social media, but every aspect of her feed represents a high-performance sponsorship deal that deals with anarchy. Beneath her whimsical exterior, Sophie is a careful protector of her introverted artist brother Simon.

Aidan Cheng Simon plays a character who is impossible to impress and hates small talk and strangers. The son of an Oxford-educated Chinese technologist, Simon proved the world wrong when, despite his wealth and homeless life, he proved himself an admirable artist.

Stephen Hagan Malcolm Drama: Born for privilege, Malcolm is a professor of literature who enjoys all the social benefits of a job without having to work very hard. A lively drug-loving sister, Malcolm’s friendship could turn into bullying if you resist. He is dating the bright, successful Kate, who speaks of her own intelligence and maturity. But he sees a few more people on the sidelines, who cancel those bonus points.

Ben Wiggins Roald plays a character who comes from an old aristocratic family whose names are in many important buildings in Europe. He is attractive, stylish, and possesses perfect manners, but Rold has a definite account, not to mention a hidden dark side rumor.

Eve Austin Gemma Drama: A member of a special privileged circle of friends seen at Oxford, Gemma never thought of a day in her life beyond the next VIP event, fashion show, or date. She is a fun friend to party with, but her uncomfortable and privileged life has left her stunned and deaf and has little sympathy for the people.

Ozioma Venue Blessing, a Nigerian princess with several postgraduate degrees, Blessing is an investor with a passion for cryptocurrencies. Robbie, fun-loving, has repeatedly paid for his uncomfortable clive with his university friends, taking his carefree risks in life and business. What is his secret? He believes that we are all living in a simulation, so only fools will refrain from doing whatever they please.

Dario Coates Connie played the character who joined Oxford with a group of friends from Kate and Phoebe. He’s an over-the-top, stylish, soft-spoken athlete. Loudly, Potty likes mouth, bet, horse, alcohol and cocaine. It is safe to assume that Connie never had to face the consequences in her life.

Shawn Partui Vic plays: Adam’s personal driver / dealer / security, proud and impeccably dressed Vic loyal and keeps Adam and his friends very secret. He is not afraid to get his hands dirty to protect them – the work always comes first. Outsiders are treated with courtesy but complete suspicion.

Brad Alexander Edward Drama: University student Edward’s father owns a powerful news outlet. Edward is popular and accustomed to being the smartest student in the room. He has a bitter feud with fellow student Nadia.

Allison Purgator Don plays the character who is not someone you will notice in the crowd and it helps him do his job as a paparazzi photographer. But if you are determined to avoid being caught on camera, Don can create a problem.

Adam James Elliott plays. World-tired, quiet, grounded, allergic to drama, Elliott has lived in California for decades, but for his job he has to travel across Europe. Elliott’s employers are strong, and Elliott always delivers, no matter how challenging the job.

Keeper is replaced by Insight Management and Production. Hickman is repp by United agents. Spillers are replaced by the Independent Talent Group and Paradigm. Lynn is repped by The Independent Talent Group. Cheng was replaced by Julian Belfrez Associates. Hagan is repp by artist rights group. Wiggins has been replaced by Grantham-Hazeldine and Luber Rocklin. Replaced by Austin Waring and McKenna. When repped by United agents. Rip by quotes 42. Partui is ripped by A3 Artist Agency and Hamilton Hodel. Pargeter is repp by Curtis Brown Group. Is repp by James Gordon and French and authentic talent and literary management.

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