Zero Gravity Management hires eight people, promotes two – deadlines

Exclusive: Zero Gravity Management has expanded to include Mia Cho as a talent manager, Maritza Cabrera as a talent / literary manager and producer, and Laila Quader Daham and Ayesha Taylor as literary managers.

The company has strengthened its bottom-the-line management team by adding Matt Dipaolo (formerly APA) to transform under the direction of line producers, VFXs, editors and department heads; Alison Irwin (before WME) focuses on cinematographers, production designers, costume designers and editors; Martijn Hosteller (Previously innovative) focus on commercial, music videos and branded content; And Diana Masaband, a former corporate attorney, is Spanish-speaking and focusing on department heads. The new team members are joined by Ajay Ghosh and Alex Franklin, who launched the division in 2019.

Zero Gravity has promoted William DC to the position of director of development, and Emma Puglia as coordinator of the literature department.

Cho comes to Zero Gravity with clients including Dallas Liu (Avatar: The Last Airbender), Jolie Griggs (U-Tang: An American Saga), Seth Car (Mysterious Benedict Society), Zachary S. Williams (All American) And Brandon Russell (Ultra Violet and Blue Demon(Cabrera brings company actor Ruby Modin)Shameless), Kyle Kaufman (West Side StoryChristopher Wallinger (King Richard), Julia Harnett (Shmigadun!), Daniel Leiva (Love, Victor) And the multi-hyphenate Lanisa Frederick (A black lady sketch show), And is currently developing its first feature, The clockFrom writer-director Noah Salzman.

Dahm’s clients are traveling with him in Zero Gravity, including Steven White (Black-ish), Joel Garfinkel (Ordinary Joe), Daniel Drach (Crank YankersRoy Brown (In) And Audrey Gevrkian (Song of Solomon) Taylor, meanwhile, will head the Australian division of Zero Gravity Management, representing some of Australia’s most respected bottom-line artists, while continuing to produce under his ZG Australia banner.

“We are thrilled to welcome such a dynamic group of directors at Zero Gravity,” said owner and partner Eric Williams. “We have strengthened our talented and enlightened departments with enthusiastic and hungry managers who specialize in nurturing and developing artists, and our bottom-line department adds great cash and experience. We are excited to have boots on Australian soil to take our lead in that market. ”

Prior to joining Zero Gravity as a Talent Manager, Cho served as the Founder and President of LVL Up Management. He began his management career at Vincent Sirension Associates, where he worked with a wide range of clients, from emerging talents to Academy Award winners, and established a youth and young adult division.

Cabrera is a Cuban-American born and raised in Chicago who began her showbiz career as an actress, singer and dancer seven years ago before moving into directing.

Dahm began his career developing and producing at Miramax / Dimension Films and became a script analyst and story consultant for clients such as Michael de Luca Productions, Broadway Video, The Weinstein Company and Big Beach. He later oversaw the development of Hollywood veterans Ed Jones and Carrie Grant, and was tasked with describing rock star Perry Farrell’s proposed Las Vegas immersion experience. Merciful heaven. Dahm is also a prominent author who wrote the novel YA Annabeth Neverding And sold his screenplay, The tendency to surviveFrom Nickelodeon Original Films.

Since starting his career as a literary manager more than 20 years ago, Taylor has represented some of Australia’s most famous creators, behind whom filmmakers have begun. Saw. In this role he oversaw the development and packaging of his clients’ projects before moving on to make his first film in 2009. Since then he has worked in Australia as a producer, line producer and production manager on feature, television and short films. And the United States, before returning to his work as a manager at Zero Gravity.

Zero Gravity Management represents a diverse list of actors, writers and directors in film and TV, and is a full-service production company behind the films. Cupshop And Marksman. Includes TV credits Ozark, Dad, stop embarrassing me! And Self-made: Inspired by the life of Madame CJ Walker.

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